TOGETIC Calming Diffuser Refill, 48 ml, 3 Pack

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Togetic Cat Pheromone Diffuser - a wise choice for stressful cat

Do your cats have unwanted behaviors like urinate anywhere, scratch furniture and ignore you? All of that are signs of stress, fear, and anxiety cats. 

TOGETIC Calming Diffuser and Refill is a wise choice helping your cats feel calm and comfortable at home.

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Why is Cat Stressed?

  • Cats can be very sensitive creatures
  • Cat may get aggressive behaviors from situations: load noises, home alone, adopting to a new pet or after a long journey.


  • Reduce excessive scratching, urine marking
  • Decrease separation anxiety, cat zoomies
  • Increase desire to interact and play. 
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Togetic Cat Diffuser is an anti-anxiety solution for cats made of 100% natural ingredients; it emits the facial pheromone which has a beneficial effect on the cat's nervous system without any affecting other house pets. 


Most cats show improved behaviors after 2 weeks. To have the best results, continued use is recommended.


  • Avoid plugging the Cat calming Oils Diffuser behind any objects such as door, curtain, furniture...
  • Do not touch Pheromone Diffusers' head due to the heat evaporation
  • Keep out of reach of children. Not for human use.

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TOGETIC Calming Diffuser Refill, 48 ml, 3 Pack
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