8 Tips How to Make Your Cat Love You More

How can my cat love me more? A question that many cat owners ask when they get a new cat into the home. We all want to cuddle and love our new fluffy baby immediately but sometimes it takes time for kittens to relax around us and like us. Or, maybe you have had cats for a while but they still don't show feelings towards you. Depending on your kitties' past experiences with humans, they could need more or less time to become your best friend.

Fortunately, you always have some things you can do to win over your kittens' heart. To speed up the “liking” process, look at our 7 tips below to foster your relationship with cats.

1. Brush your cats often

If you have lots of cats, you may often find them grooming each other; they do this as a way to build mutual trust and show affection. Even though your cats can clean themselves, it doesn't mean that you will not give him some grooming time.  By brushing your kitties, you can help build that same trust in you and show even more affection than you already do.

Moreover, grooming also helps to remove dirt, grease and dead hair from her coat, skin flakes and stimulates blood circulation, improving the overall condition of her skin. With one or two brushes per week will keep your cats healthy glow and allow them to bask in yummy together time. A healthy cat is a happy cat, so brushing them will improve you and your cats' relationship.

2. Lean and respect the body language of cats

Same as humans, cats express everything from trust to fear through body languages such as meows and purrs, body movements, and the little movements of tail and ears. Spend your time observing and seeing what they are telling, of course, everyone appreciates being listened to and your cats are no different. 

Some example of their postures convey messages like:

If your cats nudge you, they may want to play.

If your cats curl their tail around you, it may indicate satisfaction.

Cats don't meow at each other but meow to communicate with people.

Meowing continuously may indicate illness and need to the vet

3. Train to make your cats not bored

Most of the bad behaviors come from boredom rather than naughty.  If your cats are bored, they will try to play with your furniture and belongings in ways you may not like, such as slamming off shelves, scratching on furniture, or other things. So, training some habits for your pets -  not often thought in relation to cats, can be a great way to engage cats' brains. Give them something positive to do and use his natural skills in a fun way.

4. Overall kitty-massage

If you have ever had the opportunity for a massage, you know how good it feels. Your kitty will love a massage as well. As you stroke your cat, you will also get a chance to check for any problems such as mats hidden in his fur which may indicate that he has trouble moving to clean himself, or sore spots or bumps that may require extra care. Furthermore, physical contact will reduce both your and kitties' blood pressure. Some cats have specific areas that they prefer to be pet or scratched, such as the chin or back.

5. Avoid resorting to punishment

When your cats are punished by yelling or other aggressive actions, they commonly tend to run away. For the most part, cats do not learn through discipline, your cats will not love you if you're a mean owner.

Lots of people spray a cat with water to punish bad behavior, but that makes your cat fear and distrust you. Therefore, never attack a cat as this will only make matters worse.

6. Game and play time

Spending time playing with your cats is also a good way to improve your relationship and make your cat love you more. Your cats love to play and often play with many cat toys available out there, such as feather toys, string toys, catnip-filled toy mice, and places where they can climb and run. 

Besides, you can make toys scurry as a rodent, or flutter like a bird, so they will playfully pounce on toys you move in front of them. When you stimulate your kitties through play they will like near you. However, despite needing your care, they also have a strong need for independence and personal space, not always interested in interaction with people. 

7. Yummy snacks

Nothing cats appreciate more than getting their food into the bowl daily. Most cats prefer snacks that have stronger smells and are different from what they normally eat. Try having several different kinds of cat treats available in order to change our choices. Remember, this isn’t a meal, just a treat for their taste buds.

If you regularly feed them, provide water and clean their toilets, they will probably love you sooner or later. Cats are big fans of a clean toilet, so if you scoop the litter box at least once a day, your cat will appreciate it.

8. Buy Cat Calming Products

Cat Calming products will create a calming environment and help to reduce cats'  stress, fear, and worry and give back your happy cats. From that, increase the desire to interact and play for them, foster relationships together and they always want to be near you. Especially, you should find a natural product to be sure that it does not cause any harm.

TOGETIC Calming Diffuser and Refill with 100% natural ingredients is a wise choice for you that replicates cats' natural pheromones and signals that a familiar and safe area, make reduce aggressive behaviors leading from stressful situations for your cats.

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