10 Considerations For Your New Pet

Bringing a new cat into the home should be an exciting and joyful time for anyone. When the little bundle of fur arrives, you will be so eager and wanna spend more time playing or hanging out with her/him. However, due to leaving the cat's mother to come to a new house, your cat may be feeling fear and stress, so here are 10 things you need to know to make your cat happy and comfortable before you adopt it.

1. Get a Cat Carrier

When you welcome the new kitten, you should be sure that your cat will be transported home safely. So, the first important step is to choose the right cat carrier, further, you also need the carrier when traveling with your pet or take to the vet in the future.  

The cat can be a little stressed when first leaving mother and entering new surroundings, so be sure to get a good size carrier that will still fit into as your pets grow. It should be well-ventilated and ideally have a blanket, towel or old t-shirt inside that has the scent of the mother cat on it, which will help your cats feel less stressed as the mummy cat’s scent will be in the carrier with them.

2. Find the Right Food and Water Bowls

Because the cat likes to pounce and an energetic jump, it might just tip a bowl over and spook your kitty. Therefore, buying suitable food and water bowls are also necessary that can’t be knocked over easily.

In our opinion, a stainless steel bowl is best as it's easy to clean and not absorb any smells. Especially, make sure that the bowl is cleaned regularly and remove any old food that might have been left.  In addition, the cat prefers running water so provide a fountain if you can or at least, always have enough water around your kitty.

3. Consider the Best Food for Your Pet!

Not every pet food is the same and some brands are better than others, so do your research to find foods that are suitable for your pet. You also should try to find out what food has been using - it will help your cat to settle and avoid appetite loss.

When you wanna change the food,  make sure you do it gradually and watch for any signs that it isn’t agreeing with your new feline friend. 

4. Choose a Quality Litter Tray

To avoid infections and get lost, the new kitten shouldn’t go outside until it's around 6 months old. Living indoors and keeping a happy and harmonious environment, you have to train him/her to use the litter tray for its toilet needs as soon as possible. 

The litter tray is large enough to contain the cat litter -  cats like to bury their business, so the litter may get tossed out of the tray if it’s not large enough. Furthermore, a covered or contained litter box which is another good way of containing any spillage.

Besides, you will also need a scoop to remove soiled litter as cats like a clean toilet and they may not use it if it’s not cleaned out every day. Note that if there are accidents and the litter tray is missed, clean up any mess with soap and water, remember not to use any cleaners or bleach-containing ammonia that attracts the cat back to perform again.

5. Find a Cosy Kitty Bed

Kittens like to curl up in a cozy bed and have their own space to sleep. Ideally, some soft blankets on a high perch or comfy bed will suit them nicely - away from lots of people passing by and any other pets in the home. They will see this as their safe area so keep it nice and clean and cozy.

6. Don't Forget a Scratching Post or Two!


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Scratching is a natural instinct for cats as it keeps their nails healthy, it gives them exercise and they will mark it as their own territory. So if you have more than one cat in the house, make sure they each have their own resources and a scratching post is sturdy and large enough for them to stretch on. The scratching post is a must for your new kitten, which avoids them scratching your furniture too.

The other recommendation is you should use a natural product such as Togetic Diffuser to help calm your cat, so it will reduce scratching when living in a new house. 

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7. Find A Kitty Grooming Kit

In fact, cats naturally groom themselves but may get some knots in their fur that they can’t remove sometime, especially with long-haired breeds. Therefore, keep a grooming brush to hand to help them out if necessary - it's so wonderful when your cat is a lovely sleek, well-groomed kitten.

8. Check You Have Some Cat Toys!

Kittens are naturally playful and curious. They will chase most things that move, so have plenty of different toys around to keep them amused. Make sure these toys are safe and won’t splinter or break. Your kitty will love a ball that they can pat around or a furry mouse on the end of a stick.

Keep to a routine and set a daily playtime specifically for your kitty. But, keep in mind that cats have a short attention span - don’t be offended if they wander off.

9. Book In Your Vet Appointments

Not all veterinarians are alike, and you want the veterinarian that best suits your needs - this will be a lifelong relationship and as such, the choice is very important. Again, do your own research, read online reviews about veterinarians in your community, ask the grooms in your area,...and select the nearest cat-friendly clinic so that your cats can have regular health checks booked in. 

The new cat needs its first check-up soon after you bring them home. To prepare for this, you can practice touching the cat's ears, eyes and mouth areas and then giving him/her a treat. If your kitty is more than 6 months old, has already visited the vet before, so it will be less scared by the experience.

10. Help Your Kitten Settle Into Their New Home

Kittens are naturally inquisitive but may also get a little stressed when they first arrive in their new home. It’s not unusual for a small kitten to go off adventuring on their first day - don’t be panicked.  As long as there are no open windows or doors that they can use for escape, they will be hiding somewhere.


Kittens are very good at hiding and can usually find spaces under beds, on top of cupboards or behind furniture that you would never imagine. To avoid this, you can put all your kittens' toys, bed, litter tray, food and water bowls and their scratching post in the same area so that they have everything they need.

Having plenty of playtime and lots of fuss, your cat will soon be happy to wander around the rest of the house bit by bit and make themselves at home. Particularly, for a more easy way, let's use our Togetic Calming Diffuser with 100% natural formula providing a more calm and comfortable environment for your cats, which reduces aggressive behaviors leading from:

- New pet adoption

- Moving to a new home

- Home Alone

- Transportation

- Guests visit your home

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