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At Togetic, we always try to provide our valued customers the best products which are at the top level of quality, because it is the way to bring customers back to us. Therefore, each product that we are selling has experienced a long period of researching and developing before reaching to our customers.


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Premium Quality

Manufactured using the best materials, our product ensures to bring you satisfaction.

Ready to Use

Just put it on your pet’s neck, and the collar will take effect immediately.

100% Natural Ingridients

We only use safe and natural ingredients to make the collar work. That way, the pets’ well-being will be ensured.


Not just leading the technology market, our products also innovate other companies. We constantly improve our products’ quality to meet the customers’ expectation.

Secret Ingridients

Secret ingredients are used to prevent fleas and bugs from approaching your pets. Please be noted that the ingredients are 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

Suitable for Animals

We make sure that the product is easy to use for your pets.

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ERGMY Flea Tick Collar for Cat – One Size Fits All – Flea Prevention Up to 8 Months – Natural Ingredient Flea and Tick Collar

$22.45 $21.45
  • Safe: ERGMY cat flea treatment contains no Toxic chemicals. The ingredients are completely natural, including citronella oil, cinnamon oil, Eucalyptus oil, polyethylene and so on. Therefore, our cat flea collar protects your pet from skin allergy and hair Remover.
  • Guarantee: We offer a refund lifetime guarantee with every purchase. If our flea and tick Prevention for cats does not meet your expectation, you can return it during First 60 days. Please contact us if any issues occur also.
  • Easy to use: ERGMY cat flea and tick control collar is especially user friendly. Place the flea collar on the flea cats’ Neck and modify its length to fit your pet’s size.
  • Durable and highly effective: our flea treatment for cats are likely to repel pests, fleas, ticks away from your beloved pet effectively up to 8 months. Say no with fleas and scratching.
  • One size fits all: Cat collar is designed up to 13 inches long to fit most cats. For kittens, just simply cut off the excessive part to fit them.

ERGMY Dog Flea Collars – Durable Dog Flea Medicine – Allergy Free, Odorless and Waterproof Flea Collar

$23.95 $21.95
  • LONG-LASTING FLEA PREVENTION: Ergmy flea medicine can eliminate and repel flea eggs, ticks, lice, larvae from dogs. It is most effectively used for continuous 8 months under normal condition.
  • FLEXIBLE FOR ALL SIZES OF DOGS: Small, medium and large dogs all can possess this 25 inch flea collar. It can also be cut off to fit your dog’s neck if too long.
  • NO ALLERGY, NO ODOR: Our tick repellent collar contains no toxic components, so it does not cause irritation or allergies in dogs. Besides, its natural composition releases no disgusting odor, only light pleasant smell otherwise.
  • WATER RESISTANT: Don’t worry if your furry dog loves to play with water. Our dog collars are water resistant and functions well even in the rain.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: we offer a money back lifetime guarantee with every purchase. If our dog flea and tick prevention collar does not meet your expectation, feel free to return it during first 60 days. Please contact us if any issues occur also.

TORRIX Cats Flea and Tick Collar – 8-Month Flea Prevention Cat Collar – Adjustable and Waterproof Cat Flea and Tick Control

$22.45 $21.45
  • 8-MONTH PROTECTION: This cats flea and tick collar can prevent your pet from fleas, itches and ticks for 8 months. It would be definitely an economical way rather than spend much time and money buying shampoo or visiting your vet often.
  • MULTIPLE SIZES: Our 7 to 13 inches cat collar fits all sizes and weights of cats. Just need to adjust or cut off the excessive length to fit your pet.
  • EASY TO USE: Torrix cat flea treatment is equipped with a detailed usage instruction. Simply put the collar around your flea cats’ neck, adjust the length, leave a room and buckle it.
  • WATERPROOF: Don’t worry if your flea cats get wet while wearing flea collars because the waterproof design helps the cat flea collar still work effectively.
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURERS GUARANTEE: If you’re not completely satisfied with our flea treatment for cats or if there’s any technical issue, feel free to contact us or return our product within 60 days. We’ll offer you 100% refund.

TORRIX Dog Collar – 8-Month Flea Medicine – Adjustable, Safe and Water Resistant Flea Prevention Collar

$22.95 $21.95
  • ADJUSTABLE: Our dog collar is designed 25 inches long, so it fits dogs of all sizes and ages. If the flea collar is too long, cut off the excessive length and keep it in the dog’s house for extra protection.
  • 8-MONTH TICK PREVENTION: Torrix collar is an effective medicine for tick repellent up to 8 months. The active ingredients will function best during this time. After that, it should be replaced for another maximum protection.
  • SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY: Thanks to natural composition such as Eucalyptus and Citronella oil, Torrix dog collars are absolutely harmless to your dog’s health. It does not contain toxic chemicals that cause allergies to your pet.
  • WATER PROOF: The water-resistant design makes it possible to function well even in the rain or when washing your pet.
  • LIFETIME MANUFACTURERS GUARANTEE: we offer a money back lifetime guarantee with every purchase. If our flea and tick prevention for dogs does not meet your expectation, feel free to return it within the first 60 days. Please contact us if any issues occur also.

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